Madden NFL 21: Winner of The Virtual Pro Bowl

The 2021 Pro Bowl ended with the victory of the representatives of the National Conference over the controllers of the American, in what was the first virtual field made, and that ended with a sweep of 32-12 for the NFC.

Due to the pandemic complication due to Covid-19, the NFL decided that the game could be carried out but virtually thanks to the Madden NFL 21, instead of taking place in the Las Vegas property, which it thought to celebrate the match for the first time.

Each Conference had four participants; the winners were Bubba Wallace, Kyler Murray, Jamal Adams and Marshawn Lynch, who surpassed Deshaun Watson, Keyshawn Johnson, Derrick Henry and rapper Snoop Dogg, Special Guest for the dispute.

Each gamer had five minutes of action between the four quarters, starting between Watson and Murray, followed by Wallace and Johnson. For the second half Henry faced Adams and the closing ended with Lynch and Dogg, Kyler Murray being the MVP for defeating Deshaun Watson 7-6 at the start.

The Bowl of the professionals was the only meeting that was officially canceled, as all the matches that were affected by the appearance of the coronavirus had to be postponed, among the most affected teams: Cleveland, Baltimore and New York.

The Pro Bowl is a game that takes place a week before the Super Bowl, where the best athletes from each Conference participate, which has been a tradition for 70 years when the first grid was held on January 14 1951.

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(Contributed by GB; Edited by Hermes_Fang)